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Stay up-to-date with the latest developments and happenings at Graves Park. Here are some of the exciting updates and upcoming events you won’t want to miss:
  1. Nature Trails Expansion: We’re thrilled to announce the expansion of our nature trails, offering visitors even more opportunities to explore the park’s stunning landscapes and diverse ecosystems. Whether you’re an avid hiker or a casual nature enthusiast, our expanded trails provide the perfect setting for outdoor adventure and exploration.
  2. Wildlife Spotting Workshops: Join us for our upcoming wildlife spotting workshops, where you’ll have the chance to learn from expert naturalists and discover the fascinating wildlife that calls Graves Park home. From birdwatching to insect identification, these hands-on workshops are perfect for nature lovers of all ages.
  3. Community Gardening Initiative: Get involved in our community gardening initiative and help us cultivate a thriving green space for all to enjoy. Whether you’re a seasoned gardener or just starting out, there are plenty of opportunities to contribute to our beautiful park and connect with fellow gardening enthusiasts.
  4. Outdoor Yoga Classes: Find your zen amidst the beauty of nature with our outdoor yoga classes. Led by experienced instructors, these classes offer a rejuvenating blend of movement, mindfulness, and relaxation. Bring your mat and join us for a blissful session in the heart of Graves Park.
  5. Special Events and Festivals: Keep an eye out for special events and festivals happening throughout the year at Graves Park. From music concerts to food festivals, there’s always something exciting happening in our vibrant community. Check our website regularly for updates on upcoming events and how you can get involved.
Don’t miss out on all the exciting new developments and events at Graves Park. Visit our website or follow us on social media to stay informed and join us in celebrating the beauty and diversity of our beloved green space in Sheffield.
This new website for Graves Park in Sheffield will:
  • Provide news about the park
  • Give details of things to do in the park
  • List organised events and sports in the park
  • Provide information about cafes, pubs, restaurants and shops near the park
  • Provide a place for people to share their memories and photos of the park
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A woodland stream in Graves Park A woodland stream in Graves Park
A highland cow in Graves Park A highland cow in Graves Park