A New Website for Graves Park Sheffield
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Graves Park is Sheffield’s biggest park, located in the south west of the city, flanked by Woodseats, Norton and Meadowhead. The park was gifted to the city by Alderman J.G. Graves and was later expanded by other benifactors. Today the park offers something for eveyone including: formal gardens; a rare breeds farm; woodland; playgrounds; sports fields; a cafe; bowling greens; tennis courts; ponds; a golf course and cricket oval. The park also plays host to several large events every year including Sheffield’s annual Highland Fling. This website aims to provide an information resource for visitors to Graves Park and the surrounding area. It will include information about the park, it’s history and it’s location and details of things to do in and around the park.
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This new website for Graves Park in Sheffield will:
  • Provide news about the park
  • Give details of things to do in the park
  • List organised events and sports in the park
  • Provide information about cafes, pubs, restaurants and shops near the park
  • Provide a place for people to share their memories and photos of the park
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A woodland stream in Graves Park A woodland stream in Graves Park
A highland cow in Graves Park A highland cow in Graves Park